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Discover how easily you can install USB chargers and how they

How to Design an L Shaped Bar in 5 Minutes

How do you design an L-shaped bar?
Commercial bar design guidelines dictate that bar gate location depends on the handling and cleaning of bar glassware.


What’s the secret for the best shape for a commercial bar? In bar design, learn what is the best shape for a bar and why the island bar helps owners maximize profits.

How to Design and Build the Best Bar

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Building a Bar – How to Design and Build a Drink Rail

How do you design and build a drink rail for a bar? Learn the guidelines for designing and building drink rails for restaurants, bars, hotels and man caves. In this post I’ll discuss the architectural standards for correct drink rail design for bars, restaurants, sports bars and man caves and later I’ll review two special sketches I’ve prepared for you. BAR…

Bar Design Seating Guidelines for Bars & Restaurants

What are the seating dimensions for restaurant chair and tables? In commercial restaurant bar design we need to plan for proper seating and aisle clearances. SEATING DIMENSIONS FOR RESTAURANT CHAIR AND TABLES Discover the architectural standards, dimensions and clearances for bar and restaurant layouts. Confused about how many seats and tables your bar or restaurant can accommodate? How wide should the aisles…


Bar stool spacing – what are the design standards for bars? To design a bar for economic viability, the question is how much space should be between bar stools. DESIGN STANDARDS FOR BARS In bar design we’re always asking our clients how close they want their bar stools. The average size for a commercial bar stool is 18”…

Bar Design Ideas – How to Design Commercial Bars for ADA

Confused about the ADA requirements for accessible bar design? In 5 minutes I’ll teach you the latest bar dimension standards for ADA compliance. BAR DESIGN STANDARDS AND BAR DIMENSIONS FOR ADA COMPLIANCE Why am I such a big proponent of designing commercial bars for ADA accommodations? The Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”), passed in 1990, is a civil rights law that…

Bar Design Ideas – How to Design an Arcade Bar

  How do you design an arcade bar?   WHAT ARE THE BEST IDEAS AND TIPS FOR DESIGNING AN ARCADE BAR? Discover how marketing and material selection form the design concepts that can separate your bar from the competition. People are always asking ‘What are the best ideas and tips for designing a bar?’ Several months ago, another soon-to-be client asked the…