Kegerators or Glycol Beer Systems – Which is Better?

Glycol cooled or kegerators – which is the best draft beer system to buy?

If you’re confused over which draft beer system to purchase, here’s the costs and comparisons of each.

Why Draft Beer Systems Need Dedicated Walk-In Coolers

Why do so many bar owners have trouble with their draft beer systems? Learn the #1 secret of maintaining draft beer systems and increasing bar owner profits.


Do you want a draft beer system for your bar or restaurant but have limited space? Discover a unique kegerator draft beer system with a stylish remote beer tower.

Bar Design – Sizing a Walk-In Cooler for Draft Beer

  How do you size a walk-in cooler for a draft beer system? Learn the bar design criteria to select the right walk in cooler for your new draft beer system. BAR DESIGN – HOW TO SIZE A WALK-IN COOLER FOR A SMALL DRAFT BEER SYSTEM First, a little background information is necessary in making any purchasing decision. There are two types…


So what is the “Bottoms Up” draft beer dispensing system…. in this post I’ll discuss how it operates, who should own one – and who shouldn’t.

How Much do Glycol Draft Beer Systems Cost?

How much do glycol draft beer systems really cost? Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF GLYCOL SYSTEMS? The primary advantage of glycol systems is that they offer a very reliable method of delivering beer. From the walk-in cooler to the dispensing faucet,…

Draft Beer Towers – What’s the Best Location?

What is the best location for draft beer towers – the front bar or back bar? Learn how ergonomics affects efficiency and maximum profits. BEST DRAFT BEER TOWER LOCATION – FRONT BAR OR BACK BAR? Just as with the POS terminal, draft beer should logically be set-up along the front bar. In addition to the inherent efficiency of this approach,…

How Much do Draft Beer Systems Cost? much do direct-draw and long-draw draft beer systems cost? Learn how the various draft systems compare – such as the kegerator, beer walls, air-cooled and glycol systems.   WHAT ARE THE CHOICES FOR DRAFT BEER SYSTEMS? Nowadays there are many choices for a prospective draft beer system owner. Draft beer systems are categorized “Direct-Draw” or “Long-Draw” systems and are differentiated by distance. Direct-draw…

How Do Glycol Beer Systems Work?

How do glycol beer systems work? Learn how the equipment works and why glycol systems are the most popular choice today. HOW GLYCOL BEER SYSTEMS WORK Glycol draft beer systems operate through a process which is accomplished through three components: Power-pack Trunk line Draft beer tower POWER PACK The power pack is a commercial refrigeration…

Air Cooled Draft Systems – Are They Practical?

How much do air cooled draft systems cost? Learn the cost and design limitations of air cooled draft systems, such as system length and beer tap towers. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DRAFT BEER SYSTEMS There are two different types of draft beer systems: Long draw systems. Direct-draw systems. Within the long draw category, we have: Glycol chilled systems. Air…