How to Design a Bar for a Pizza Restaurant

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Bar Management and Costly Bartender Overpouring in 2022

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How to Design a Rolling Library Ladder for Commercial Bars

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Custom Ice Balls with the Cirrus Press Cocktail Ice Machine

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So what is the “Bottoms Up” draft beer dispensing system…. in this post I’ll discuss how it operates, who should own one – and who shouldn’t.

How Much do Glycol Draft Beer Systems Cost?

How much do glycol draft beer systems really cost? Learn the components and advantages of purchasing a glycol beer tap system for your restaurant, bar or hotel. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF GLYCOL SYSTEMS? The primary advantage of glycol systems is that they offer a very reliable method of delivering beer. From the walk-in cooler to the dispensing faucet,…

How to Design a Circular Island Bar and Back Bar

How do you design a circular island bar and back bar? Here’s how we redesigned a large existing circular island bar. Learn the tips for systematically measuring existing bars and developing ideas for re-designing a commercial bar and back bar. HOW TO DESIGN A CIRCULAR COMMERCIAL ISLAND BAR AND BACK BAR Shown at right is an “As-Built” plan I created in preparation of a…

How Do You Plan a Commercial Bar Design – Design Ideas do you plan a commercial bar design? Learn the bar design ideas to evaluate an existing commercial bar design and how to plan a new bar with popular bar seating choices.   DESIGN IDEAS FOR COMMERCIAL BAR PLANNING Interested in re-designing your commercial bar? Today I’m going to discuss how to approach a total bar re-design. In front of you is a plan of a bar we…


How do you design and build a curved bar top? Discover the design ideas for standard bar dimensions, layout, fabrication and installation of radius bar tops. BUILD A BAR – HOW TO DESIGN AND BUILD A CURVED BAR TOP Over the years I’ve noticed that many people have a preference for curved surfaces in bar and nightclub design projects. Long, flowing and clever curves…

The Health Department and the 3 Compartment Sink

DO HEALTH DEPARTMENTS REQUIRE 3 COMPARTMENT SINKS? Are 3 compartment sinks really required for commercial bars? What if you prefer automatic glass washers? Discover the bar design secret to pass a health department inspection and still have a glass washer. 3 COMPARTMENT SINKS vs GLASS WASHERS The local health department just informed one of our…