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How to Design a Non-Alcohol Bar

What bar equipment is needed for a juice bar? In this article we'll discuss the basic principles of basic bar design to unlock the answer to this question.

Is there a defined approach for designing such a bar, and if so, where do you turn for help? In this edition of Design Buzz we'll be discussing just what considerations you should make when designing a non-alcohol bar.

What Defines a JUICE Bar?

The reason I ask this question is because a non-alcohol bar is literally any bar where non-alcohol drinks are made. This includes fresh juice drinks and a house menu of "mocktails" --  non-alcoholic cocktails. In the stripclub business, this type of bar is often referred to as a "juice bar." We recently completed a juice bar design for Restaurant Le Paradou, a client who opened the above restaurant in Algiers, Algeria in late summer, 2016 (photo courtesy of Restaurant Le Paradou). Although Restaurant Le Paradou will not be serving alcohol, they'll be offering a complete menu of non-alcohol-based drinks that will include various mixers.

What Type of Bar Equipment Should be Used for a Non-Alcohol Bar DESIGN?

From the description above, it's obvious that the menu at Restaurant La Paradou in Algeria will include a range of prepared drinks, and that these drinks must be made in a systematic process or itsImage of Detailed Bar Equipment Design 250 patrons will be very unhappy with their service. The drinks will contain several ingredients -- the same as any alcohol-based drink -- but it just so happens that alcohol isn't one of them. So what's different about this bar? Nothing.Therefore, the bar design for this and probably most non-alcohol applications  must include the same equipment as that of most conventional alcohol bars! This list includes the following (along with downloadable cut sheets):

pdfRubbermaid trash receptacle

pdfGlastender dump sink cut sheet 

pdfHobart Premax glasswasher cut sheet

pdfGlastender drainboard cut sheet

pdfGlastender combo ice bin (optional cold plate)

pdfGlastender drainboard blender station cut sheet

pdfGlastender hand sink cut sheet

pdfGlsstender speed rail cut sheet

pdfGlastender backbar cooler cut sheet

pdfGlastender POS station cut sheet

Speed rails are normally ordered for drainboards and ice bins, and installed on the front of each; they typically run the entire width of each apparatus. We usually custom-designSTANDARD UNIVERSAL BAR CLEARANCES POS cabinets for all of our clients; these have a working height that is more compatible with the bartender and we strongly urge clients to have them installed on the bar front. If you're considering a soda gun, then you'll need to include a cold plate when ordering your ice bin; this is normally an option with all ice bins, but only if they are 24" (610 mm) or longer. The optimal arrangement for any busy bar is to include a glass washer, as we did in this design. Some health departments insist on the presence of a 3-bin sink, but that isn't the deal-breaker some may think; actually, there is a work-around to accommodate this requirement without losing space, as explained in a previous blog post:


pdfStandard Universal Bar Clearnces

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Glass Storage: a Critical Design Feature for Every Bar

For the record, all underbar stainless equipment specified for this project was Glastender -- it's my personal favorite. As any bar, restaurant or nightclub owner or manager will agree, you can't have too much storage. Actually, many bars lack adquate glass storage. For Restaurant La Paradou, we included an underbar combination drainboard / glass storage unit (see below for the cut sheet) to go along with the rack glass washer. This way we can always keep two racks of clean glassware handy while providing additional processing space. 


pdfGlastender drainboard glassrack cut sheet

As you can see from this example, the equipment for a non-alcohol bar isn't different from that of most alcohol bars. The bottom-line is that, whenever designing a bar, efficiency is of the utmost importance. 

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