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Top 5 Wallpaper Picks and Tips for Bars and Nightclubs

What is the best wallpaper for bar and nightclub design? Discover the most popular wallpaper selections its benefits and disadvantages and installation tips.

Are you planning to re-decorate your bar or nightclub? If you’re considering wallpaper, unless you knew where to begin looking, you probably experienced the fastest migraine headache you’ve had in a long time! With so many choices, where does one begin? Should you consider painting? This edition of Design Buzz addresses my top 5 wallpaper picks and tips for bars and nightclub design.

WHAT ARE The Benefits AND DRAWBACKS of Wallpaper IN Bar and Nightclub Design?

During my first 12 years of bar and nightclub design, it wasn’t until recently that I realized I rarely specify paint. DoesWallpaper in Nightclub Lobby Design that surprise you? This certainly isn’t the case among residential designers. On the surface, the thought of this seemed strange to me, but then I thought of the reasons why:

  • First and foremost, bars and nightclubs are destinations that should be unlike people’s homes – their design needs to create an atmosphere unlike the homes in which their patrons reside.

  • With a limitless variety of colors, textures and patterns, wallpaper adds much greater dimension to design.

  • Due to its outstanding durability and low cost, wallpaper offers great value.

Perhaps because I’ve specified wallpaper on a daily basis for so long, the thought of paint never enters my conscious thought pattern. Nothing against it, but to me, paint is just so residential in nature – it doesn’t offer enough value to bar and nightclub design.

To me, wall coverings are the basis of all design. If your bar or nightclub lacks wallpaper, chances are design has been entirely overlooked. When I have a new client whose bar or nightclub has nothing but painted walls, I think of this as the opportunity to take design in many directions.

Top 5 Wallpaper Picks for Bar and Nightclub Design

As I mentioned earlier, there’s virtually an unlimited selection of commercial wallpaper. My favoritePhoto of Excess Wallpaper on Lower Wall patterns are all manufactured and/or distributed by Koroseal Interior Products, Inc. (Koroseal). Koroseal has a plethora of wallpaper lines, many of which are associated with leading designers. While it would take an entire volume to cover all of Koroseal’s wallpaper products, I’ll cut to the chase and list my top 5 selections:


·    “Excess,” by Sondra Alexander (shown in photo above, right).

·    pdf“Ostrich,” by Sondra Alexander

·   pdf “Alligator,” by Evans & Brown

    pdf“Pentimento,” by Sondra Alexander

·    Shantung Square,” by Dusty Miller (shown in photo at top, right).

All of these patterns are heavy commercial vinyl and are priced around $20 per square yard ($2.22 per square foot). The minimum order is 30 square yards and larger orders are sold in 15-yard increments.


How to Calculate Wallpaper for Your Project

If you’ve never ordered wallpaper before, here’s how it’s done:Koroseal Wallcovering

1.  With a tape measure, measure the length of each wall.

2.  Total your result and express it in lineal feet (i.e., 16’ 3” = 16.25’, 16’ 6” = 16.5’, etc.).

3.  Measure the height of the room and express it in feet (similar to the above).

4.  Using a calculator, multiply the results of #1 and #2.

5.  Multiply the result of #3 by 1.15; this will factor 15% for waste, which is necessary because most patterns are repetitive and need to be matched.

6.  Divide the result of #4 by 9; this will give you the total yards of wallpaper.

If you’re ordering from Koroseal, remember that the minimum order is 30 yards and that their wallpaper products are sold in 15-yard increments thereafter.

Helpful Wallpaper Tips for Planning and Installation

There’s a lot to know about wallpaper, especially if you want the finished result to look as good as the wallpaper itself.

The basic assumption is that your existing walls were originally taped and finished with a “Level 4 Gypsum Board Finish.”

If you don’t understand what that is, please read the industry guidelines in the downloadable, below. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have a level-4 finish, but it’s important for you to develop reasonable expectations of how your wallpaper will look upon completion.

A heavy grade of vinyl wallpaper, such as those that I referenced above, will go a long way toward hiding the flaws inherent with a level-3 finish.

Here are a few handy tips you might find helpful to achieve a professional-looking wallpaper installation:

·    If you’re also planning on adding new lighting, wall switches and/or wall outlets, you’ll need to complete all of your “rough-ins” first.

·    Good wallpaper over bad walls yields bad results, as all flaws will be “telegraphed” to the finished wallpaper. Therefore, thoroughly inspect the subject walls with your wallpaper installer and have he/she patch and sand all holes, prior to installation.

·    As for installations using Koroseal wallpaper:

Ø   All seams should be overlapped and double-cut.

Ø   The proper adhesive is water-based latex with clay.

Ø   For best results, remove the adhesive two or three days after the installation, using a sea sponge (not cellulose) and a half-can of Coca-Cola in a bucket of warm water.


pdf5 Levels of Drywall Finish

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