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Top 5 Design Ideas about Purchasing Carpet for a Nightclub or Bar

In today’s edition of Design Buzz we’re going to discuss carpet. Design clients often inquire about purchasing carpet for their nightclubs and bars. Surprisingly, their inclination is to purchase it from the guy down the street.

I can tell you, firsthand, if you purchase carpet locally, thinking you are going to get a better deal, my advice to you is: don’t be misled. Admittedly, the carpet business is tricky, full of double-talk and confusing information and it took me a while to learn that there are people who are trustworthy and provide a valuable product. Today I’ll discuss the advantages of purchasing commercial carpet for your night club or bar, including design features, installation tips and pricing. 

Why You Don't Want to Purchase Residential-Grade Carpet for Nightclubs

Commercial-grade carpet is designed to endure heavy traffic while maintaining its texture and stain resistance characteristics. Residential carpet, on the other hand, is sold on its aesthetic appeal, which is softness, pattern, etc. Commercial Carpet is inherently superior because it has much greater density and lower pile height, which gives it superior durability.

Why You Don't Want to Purchase Commercial Carpet from a Local Dealer

The problem with buying commercial carpet from a local dealer is they have limited selection because they don’t sell much of it,Commercial Carpet Printed by a Chromajet which translates to higher pricing. All too often the local carpet store promotes certain products merely for the sake of moving inventory; at the same time the buyer believes he or she is saving money. The real deal is to purchase commercial carpet directly from a company that manufactures specifically for you. Kristin Messick of Omega Pattern Works, which sells directly to the end-user, says she’s always shocked by the number of clubs that purchase carpet locally. Messick goes on to say “the savings (of purchasing from her) is often 30-40% less than purchasing directly from a local carpet store. This can translate into a saving of thousands of dollars when re-carpeting an entire club.”

Where to Purchase Customized Carpet: Commercial Carpet Mills

Some companies, such as Messick’s, print the carpet on a Chromojet, a digital printing process similar to that of an office inkjet printer. The jets inject dye deep into the pile with surgical precision, without any of the machine parts touching the fabric. The significance of Chromojet printing is that you, the club owner, now have the option of having custom carpet patterns, and because the patterns are created in AutoCAD, your carpet can include logos and other artistic effects with virtually no limit to size[1]. Another benefit of Chromojet printing is that your carpet can be coordinated to match the colors and patterns of your fabrics and wall coverings. In the above photo (above) note how beautifully the carpet coordinates with all the other fabrics (photo furnished courtesy of Omega Pattern Works); this was designed for the 2013 HBO Emmy Party.

What Features are Available to the Extend Lifespan of Commercial Carpet?

When covering stair treads with carpet, you will likely see accelerated wear. However, a tip commonly advised by a commercial carpet professional is to attach a 3/8” cushion. This feature adds dimensional stability to the carpet and increases its lifespan by 50%. The cost of implementing this option adds approximately $4.00 per square yard and can be added to virtually all patterns; it can be added to the entire order as the durability of all carpeting will be favorably affected.

What is the Key to Installing Patterned Carpet?

Installation is a key factor with patterned carpet.  Patterned carpet requires installation by a commercial patterned carpet installer. The operative words are "commercial patterned carpet". Messick equates this to sending a nurse into the operating room to perform brain surgery. Patterned carpet will cost more to install simply because it requires more time.

As you can see, there are many design factors to consider when purchasing carpet for your nightclub or bar, but selecting residential carpet for a commercial establishment doesn’t make much sense. A design professional is always a good resource when making critical decisions for your bar or nightclub.

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