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Nightclub Design Review: KG Furniture vs Modern Line Furniture

Who makes the best nightclub furniture? Today we'll discuss the products of two of the biggest names in the industry, pricing comparisons and advantages.

If you’re a nightclub or bar owner, occasionally you need to purchase furniture. ‘Where do I go and who should I trust?’ you ask yourself. Two of the more familiar names you’ll probably encounter are KG Furniture and Modern Line Furniture, two of the biggest names in the industry. Where does one begin when comparing two companies such as this? This edition of the Design Buzz Nightclub Design Review series discusses which company’s products are better: Modern Line Furniture or KG Furniture?

Who is KG Furniture and What Products Do They Make?

Houston-based KG Furniture has been producing custom-built nightclub furniture since 1997. While their product line has beenVIP Seating at Cheerleaders Pittsburgh marketed to the gentlemens club industry, to me it has universal appeal. KG’s product line includes:

·    General entertainment and custom sofas.

·    Upscale button-tufted general entertainment sofas.

·    Lap dance sofas in numerous styles and sizes.

·    A variety of VIP and champagne room sofas (as shown in the photo at top).

·    A variety of chairs.

·    Custom ottomans.

·    Custom privacy partitions.

Everything about KG’s products is about nightclubs. Although their website is a bit cumbersome and appears slanted toward the adult nightclub industry, KG Furniture’s products can be used in any nightclub.

Who Is Modern Line Furniture and What Products Do They Offer?

Home-based in Rahway, NJ (metropolitan New York), Modern Line Furniture is a high-volumePhoto of Modern Line Modular Furniture furniture company that resells modular furniture made offshore. Modern Line has a strong marketing strategy of shipping to the end-user with 100% customer satisfaction, typically in 2 – 8 days from the time it is ordered. Modern Line’s products include:

·    Sofa sets

·    Modular furniture

·    Modular bars

·    Dining rooms

·    Outdoor furniture

·    Bedroom furniture

Modern Line Furniture (Modern Line) is a strong company that has a very focused and aggressive "Park Avenue" marketing campaign that includes multi-page ads and a strong tradeshow presence in the nightclub sector. Modern Line’s website, which looks like a page from Better Homes and Gardens, belies their nightclub marketing campaign, which portrays them as a nightclub furniture authority. But just who are they? While they have a very impressive brand and marketing presence, nobody is good at everything; they don’t specialize in any given area – especially the nightclub arena.

What Modern Line is is exactly what they purport themselves to be: a quick-ship furniture company with reasonably good products.

What Modern Line isn't is a furniture specialist. What they can't do is provide a gentlemens club owner a furniture solution for a champagne room such as the one in the photo at top. They also can't provide a furniture solution for a gentlemens club VIP room because they don't have any products that deal with proper back angles needed when furnishing VIP rooms. So just what can Modern Line Furniture do for the average gentlemens club? Not much.

Do I think Modern Line’s products are good for the nightclub industry? Absolutely. However, there are limitations to where and how they are used, which I will address later in this article.

Whose Products are Better: KG Furniture vs Modern Line Furniture

So whose products are better? People purchase furniture for many reasons, so I think we could argue this matter on many levels:

1.   Styling
Is your preference for a highly custom look or for clean, modern lines? To me, KG Furniture’s products are all about a custom solution, while Modern Line’s products have a sleek, modern appearance.

2.   Custom Sizes and Fabrics
KG Furniture can build any style in nearly any size, while Modern Line offers their products in preset modular sizes. This can be a deal-breaker for nightclub designers such as myself, where I need products that fit within well-defined spaces. As for fabrics, KG Furniture is a true custom shop and can deliver virtually any fabric you desire. Modern Line is offering a greater selection than it once did, but buyers are limited to a narrow selection. While their products are offered in leather, the exact amount of genuine leather is confusing. Regardless, Modern Line’s mission, which is to deliver numerous furniture styles in the shortest possible timeframe, can only be accomplished with a reasonable fabric selection.

3.   Custom styling
KG Furniture will consider making any custom piece, the same as any custom furniture builder. Modern Line Furniture is not a manufacturer and therefore has no profit motive or interest in building “one-off” furniture, as it doesn’t match their business model.

4.   Delivery
Modern Line clearly has the upper-hand. Since KG Furniture is a factory that builds on a per-order basis, of course they take longer. For a custom shop, KG does an amazing job of shipping some items the next day, while the rest average 1 – 5 weeks from the time of approval. This is a short turnaround for a custom furniture builder, nor is it a long time for most projects. One thing which occurs in real life is procrastination, which many of us are guilty of. With proper planning, 3 – 4 weeks is normally acceptable to the majority of nightclub owners. However, when we absolutely have to have furniture in a week, Modern Line is a great solution. Just be aware of the limitations of Modern Line’s products.

5.   Durability
Since Modern Line has only been around since 2006, there isn’t enough history to evaluate the durability of their products. KG, on the other hand, has had furniture in some clubs for 15 years. Personally speaking, I think furniture should be replaced every seven or eight years. I think the products of each company are capable of lasting that long.

6.   Pricing
Across the sofa product lines, Modern Line is about 10% higher. I don’t think this disparity is a deal-breaker because most prospective buyers have a clear preference of style. Besides, Modern Line’s quick shipping time is a feature that secures many orders. KG’s product line, if anything, is under-priced for a custom furniture company.

7.   Financing
Modern Line offers various financing options. KG doesn’t offer financing.

In terms of nightclub appeal, both companies are viable competitors. While KG has spent its time marketing to gentlemens clubs, to me their products are a perfect fit for any nightclub. I think nightclub and bar owners should consider using KG’s products. Owner Ken Bowman is very easy to do business with. He stands behind his work 100%. I believe Modern Line’s products are more geared for general nightclubs. The back angles of Modern Line’s sofas don’t work for VIP and champagne room applications (in gentlemens clubs). 

While KG Furniture clearly markets to adult nightclubs, their products are very good for general nightclubs. Although Modern Line markets heavily to the adult nightclub sector, to me they are more suitable for the general nightclub and dance club industry.

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