The Latest in Strip Club Stage Design: the LED Dance Floor

The owners of Club 390 wanted to upgrade their satellite stage. They weren't crazy about the one they had "inherited." Owner Chris Carlson saw a "liquid fusion" tile at last year's EXPO and brought it over to me. He really liked it and so did I. However, when he saw another liquid fusion tile sample that was back-lit, his enthusiasm went "off-the-chart!" As Chris said: "It has WOW-factor!" He asked me if we could create an entire stage with this design concept and I told him that although the sample looked great, I thought we could take it a notch higher. Chris and his partner Mike trust us: we’ve worked together on several previous projects, so they asked us to proceed and dedicate the necessary resources to develop the concept. A month later, we developed the end-result: the LED Dance Floor, which is a smaller version of their 30' elliptical main stage. The new stage also features custom black acrylic trim with the logo of the club laser-etched and painted, as shown in the photo above. The new stage is also DMX-controlled and seems to have a life all its own. Chris and Mike are very pleased with their new stage.

A few photos of "The Latest in Strip Club Stage Design: the LED Dance Floor" are shown in the following gallery. You can also learn more about our stripclub stage design services and see more examples of our
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