3D Computer Renderings: Another Service of Cabaret Design Group

As an optional service of our stripclub design, Cabaret Design Group is capable of producing life-like, computer-generated 3D renderings in color. Offered as an optional service, we can normally produce mathematically-correct views of your club-to-be from nearly any vantage point. 3D renderings are most typically used as a conceptual tool – at the very beginning of a project, when a client is working to acquire project approval from local cities and villages.

Often times, we can also show detailed information such as carpet patterns. The 3D renderings shown in this gallery represent an array of ideas, of both interiors and exteriors. A number of 3D computer renderings are shown in the following photo gallery.

To see projects where we have done considerable 3D computer renderings, please refer to our
Club 390, Cheerleaders Philadelphia and Cheerleaders Pittsburgh portfolios.

Chris Carlson (co-owner of Club 390) says:

“Cabaret Design Group’s 3D modeling has taken all of the guess work out of our renovation, and it’s actuall saved us on a couple of occasions. This process has saved us a lot of time and money in the long run.”

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