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Cost Guide for Professional Bar Design

How much does bar design cost? That depends on your needs. In this article we'll discuss the professional design services we offer and how much they cost.

This edition of Design Buzz discusses bar design pricing and the types of professional services, such as basic and custom bar design, bar equipment layouts and project management.

How Much Does Professional Bar Design Service Cost?

At Cabaret Design Group, we offer several levels of bar design services, and there are several things we need to know to get LED Bar Designstarted:

  • Is your goal to merely update the finished appearance of your existing bar or to design a new bar?

  • Would you like us to provide you with an engineered layout of all bar equipment?

  • Do you need assistance with design for a draft beer system?

  • Do you need project management assistance to work with your contractors?

What Are the Types of Bar Design Services and How Much Do They Cost?

Basic Bar Design Services

If your goal is to give your bar a facelift, many things can be done. These are a few of the services we provide with basic bar Bar Claddingdesign: 

  • Select new bar tops and stools
  • New bar cladding
  • Architectural lighting
  • Illuminated bottle displays

We’ll provide you with all of our recommendations and where to purchase these products. Pricing for this service begins at $1,500.

Custom Bar Design

If you have an idea for a totally-custom bar, we can definitely help you! Here are some examples of custom bar design:Formal Bar Design

  • Backlit bars – such as our popular LED Bar, as shown in the above photo.
  • Button-tufted fabric bar fronts.
  • Bars with built-in go-go stages.
  • Backlit bartops.
  • Backlit walls with custom backlit signage.
  • Retrofit your bar to have POS on the front bar.
  • Incorporate built-in Video Poker Machines.
  • Incorporate a Chill-Rite 32 frozen beer tower, frost rail or Shock-A-Vodka system.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Pricing for custom bar design begins at $3,000.

Bar Equipment Design Services

As I've mentioned before, your bar is a factory that produces drinks, and just as factories do, you need to focus on maximizing Typical Bar Equipment Planthe efficiency of your bartenders. This can only be accomplished through a well-engineered equipment layout. With this service we carefully evaluate the following:

  • Equipment flow and location.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Glass washers types and locations.
  • Tap beer locations.
  • Kegerator draft beer equipment.
  • POS locations.
  • Bar framing plans.
  • Sections and elevations as necessary.

With this service, we will furnish you with architectural drawings and a full equipment schedule, as shown in the photo above, right. Pricing for this service is $2,500 per bar.

Draft Beer Design Services

We can also assist you with engineering draft beer walls and long-draw draft beer systems, as stand-alone projects or as part of bar equipment design service. Included with this service are the following:ELEVATION DRAWING OF BEER WALL

  • Engineered plans for all related equipment.
  • Special walk-in cooler details and finishes (beer wall systems only).
  • Beer tower recommendations and locations.
  • Solicit and evaluate equipment proposals.
  • Recommend and/or work with equipment installers.

Pricing for this service starts at $1,500.00

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Construction Management Services

More typically intended for custom bar design, we can provide you with construction management services. Beginning at $1.00 per square foot*, these services better ensure that your finished bar will match the intended design as closely as possible. Available are the following:

  • Web conferencing to resolve design and field-related issues.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Telephone support for your project manager and contractors.
  • Periodic site visits.

The vendor solicitation and construction management services can be purchased as a lump-sum fee or billed by the hour. Site visits are billed separately per our standard terms and conditions.

The goal of our bar design services is for all of our team members, including our clients and their representatives, to be on “the same page” in order to minimize the miscommunication associated with project planning. This will serve to deliver the intended design. No doubt this service paid dividends to all of our clients who have elected for this option. The owners of many clubs have benefited from these services.

We Work International Customers

If your bar or nightclub application is outside the U.S., we'd be delighted to work with you! We're familiar with the metric system and can furnish you with the appropriate plans and specifications for construction. With our web-conferencing and Basecamp 24 x 7 project management system, we're fully capable of servicing your needs. Please click here to learn more about our methods.


Call Us for Your Next Design Project

Our standard bar design service includes all construction plans and equipment layouts. We would be happy to assist any gentlemen’s clubnight club, or bar owner who would like to incorporate time-proven design ideas into your venue. Please feel free to contact us.

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* This is an estimate only – pricing will be finalized for qualified projects; site visits are available but not included in this.

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