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Top 5 Ideas for Planning a Gentlemens Club Remodel

You’ve owned and successfully operated your stripclub for 8-10 years and things were going pretty smoothly, but business has tapered these past couple of years. For whatever reason, you are no longer able to reach the same customers.

Numerous factors play into your present dilemma, but one thing’s for certain – don't blame the economy! Changes need to be made. This is a familiar story to me. You need to be honest with yourself and face the facts – it’s time to remodel. If you are considering remodeling your stripclub, it’s time to call a design professional, one who has dealt with numerous people in your situation. 

Evaluate Your Competition Before Remodeling Your sTRIPClub

The best way to determine your deficiencies is to evaluate your competition:

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What is your competition's strengths and weaknesses?

  • How are their VIP and Champagne Rooms?

  • Does your club have the most current design and operational features?

Basically, if you want to be a leader in your market, you must be honest with yourself about what it is you need to address. Chances are, your competition is doing something better, but they are also doing something worse. For example, a gentlemen’s club owner called me recently



How Often Should a STRIPclub Be Remodeled?

If you haven’t remodeled your club in the last 8-10 years, what are you waiting for? Stripclubs have an incredible shelf-life, but long-term ownership can very often lead to backwards thinking, in that, over a period, owners can become overly-confident of their skills and operation. The reality is, what worked 10 years ago no longer produces the same results. Many gentlemen’s clubs have a core of clientele who have supported them from day-one and nothing beats customer loyalty. But you have to continually build brand to keep attracting new customers, because even your core will erode. That club you opened 10 years ago no longer holds the same appeal. Newer clubs have opened and are doing it much better –and they are putting the squeeze on you. You will no longer be able to attract the best entertainers and that is where the money is. I discussed this in greater detail in my blog post about why stripclubs need design (refer below).  Every business needs new customers. People are always curious to see the latest and greatest, and designing and remodeling your stripclub will enable you to attract this segment of the market with which you are unfamiliar.


A Word About Pool Tables in sTRIPClub Design


Pool tables are a natural part of every bar, correct? Then why are they in so many gentlemens clubs? This makes absolutely no business sense. Owning a license to operate an adult nightclub is like owning a bank vault and you won’t see many pool tables there! This is not a new conversation, but I can tell you exactly why gentlemen’s club owners have pool tables in their clubs – because they didn’t consult a design professional when they opened their clubs and they were looking for something to fill the space. This is a logical thought to a club owner who just crossed-over from owning a successful bar – which has happened on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, pool tables are working against you in a gentlemen’s club and I’ll tell you why. I’m just going to make a simple analogy. Let’s say your club does $2.5M in annual gross revenue and the functional portion of your club (excluding the non-revenue-producing areas) is 5,000 sq.ft. This roughly translates to $500 per sq.ft. of revenue. IfPLUXH Private Club After Design your pool table room occupies 400 sq.ft. and is earning you $500 per month, that equates to $6,000 per year. However, if the same space were converted to general entertainment you would be making $20,000 – more than three times as much. But wait, if this area were to become a Champagne Room this could generate upwards of $250,000! My good friend and client at Night Trips Tulsa (@NightTripsTulsa) is living proof. Their former 700 sq.ft. (65m2) pool room (shown in the photo at right) is now home to “PLUXH”, a boutique club-within-a-club (as seen in the photo at top)! It took a bit of convincing, because, after all, who wants to remove a feature from their club that earns revenue – one that customers enjoy? The management of Night Trips is very objective; they are intelligent club operators, who recognized the value in change and embraced it!

Don’t  Underestimate the Value of Remodeling Your Locker Room!

Believe it or not, this could be your most significant investment. If you want to attract the best entertainers, you will definitely want to give this consideration. I discuss the importance of locker room design in greater detail in an earlier blog post (refer below).

How to Plan Your Whole-Club Remodel

To me, this becomes a priority list which needs to begin by asking, ‘Where can you begin making money the quickest?’ IfEntertainers Locker Room After Redesign you have one of those pool rooms that I discussed above, that would be the most logical place to begin – particularly if you don’t have a Champagne Room. I would then move to the VIP Room and then to open areas of the club. The primary benefit of remodeling small rooms first is that you will become acquainted with your contractor; if this guy is able to deliver, great. If he is unable, at least you’ve cut your losses by impacting isolated areas of your club. This also allows you to get a fast start, which enables you to spend more time simultaneously designing the larger areas and making a better strategic evaluation. The last thing I would recommend is the lobby. You can be sure the word will get out that you are making improvements to your club, so get them deep inside the club. Planning your lobby first makes the least sense to me for the following reasons:

  • Remember that you want to be able to evaluate your contractor in isolated areas of the club.

  • Making changes deeper within the club creates a greater sense of intrigue.


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