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Top 5 Furniture Picks and Tips for Gentlemens Club Design

What are the top ideas and tips for purchasing stripclub furniture? This article answers the most popular questions, best of class and furniture pricing.

If your champagne room doesn’t have true “WOW-factor,” you could be losing untold sums. In my 12 years of stripclub design, I’ve become familiar with a fair amount of furniture in all areas of the club and would like to share my ideas and advice

General Seating Sofa Recommendations for STRIPclubs

If you’re looking for a variety of standard products or an idea you want to develop, the go-to company is KG Furniture. If you'retiffanys buffalo 1 looking for a contemporary design, then you will want to consider either Cal-Moda Industries or Modern Line Furniture. I prefer KG for many reasons, not the least of which are: 1). back angles that are conducive to long customer visits and 2). the overall quality of construction. Although Modern Line is increasing its fabric offerings, KG and Cal-Moda are infinitely ahead in this category. Beware that contemporary generally translates to less comfort. Here are my top choices for general seating sofas:

  • Model #104C by KG Furniture (as featured in the photo above). The double-bolster back adds a nice touch. This sofa is particularly effective for group seating typical in VIP areas.

  • Model #110 by KG Furniture with button-tufted back. Again, this is effective for VIP seating.
  • Model #110 by KG Furniture with plain back. This lends itself to simple sectional arrangements in open areas.

  • The “Maestro” line by Modern Line is a nice selection for open areas. Adaptability to customize to fit into specific rooms could be problematic.

The ability to adapt the size of all products to specific areas can be challenging; KG’s products offer this advantage.


What Are The Best Lap Dance Sofas for STRIPclubs?

In my mind there is only one player in this market, and that’s KG Furniture. What’s worth noting is thatPhoto of Model 45 Lap Dance Sofa by KG Furniture Ken Bowman has spent over twenty years perfecting this product. You need to know that over this period KG has learned and refined their designs to the point where it is no longer a question of functionality. Everything about KG’s lap dance sofas is the end-result of thousands of conversations with club owners and managers. Most importantly, the functional design is for maximum customer experience, which is going to make you, the club owner, lots of money! If you elect to use a product by another company you will be making a big mistake. Here are my favorite lap dance sofas by KG –

  • Model 45, which offers arms at each end. The photo above, right, shows a typical arrangement for model 45 sofas.

  • Model 119, which is a cleverly-designed, self-contained unit with built-in divider walls.


Champagne Room Sofas

If you have a champagne room in your club and it matches any of the following descriptions, you are in trouble –Club 390 Champagne Room

  • It was thrown together with little regard to design or functionality.

  • It has beaten-up walls.

  • It has beaten-up furniture.

  • All of the above.

If you think you can charge people $500 per hour, or more, to sit in a room like this, you are only fooling yourself! The reality is, you aren’t going to maximize your profit-making opportunity unless you are “Big-Game-Ready.” In short, if you’re fishing for big-game, you’ve got to look like it. Champagne room sofas by KG Furniture are what you need to get started. Just as with the lap dance sofas, KG has refined his champagne room sofas to help give you the best competitive advantage. However, it takes more than just sofas to make for a “Big-Game” champagne room. For instance, a champagne room similar to the one I designed in the photo above, right, will help guarantee long-term success in your champagne room. Make your customers feel pampered and they won’t want to leave – anytime soon, that is! If one room in your club needs to have “WOW-factor,” it’s your champagne room.


Here are my favorite champagne room sofas –

  • Model 79 by KG Furniture. The photo at the top of this article shows an adaptation of this idea.

  • Model 149A by KG Furniture. What I particularly like about this sofa is its sexy curves – perfect for a champagne room!

Either of the above sofas will provide you with an excellent core from which to design your “Big-Game” champagne room.

Stage Seating

I must relent that there are two schools of thought here. While I generally take the road to higher fashion, some people preferstage design 16 function. Who am I to judge?! I have some clients who actually love stackable chairs; while this style isn’t me, I can attest that if durability is your preference, so be it. I’d still love to design your club Lol! Anyway, here are my choices for stage seating  –

  • Model 944 by MTS Seating (“Americana Chairs and Barstools” collection). To me, what this chair lacks in style it certainly makes up for in durability, and is a solid investment.

  • Model 25 barrel chair by KG Furniture. This is probably the most common chair in the nightclub industry.

  • Model 81 armless chair by KG Furniture. Great for maximizing your seating capacity.

I discuss the Model 25 and Model 81 chairs in greater detail in a previous post, which you can read below.




pdfModel 944 Chair by MTS Seating

pdfModel 25 Barrel Chair by KG Furniture

pdfModel 81 Armless Chair by KG Furniture


Recommendations For The Best Bar Stools

Shopping for bar stools can be a frustrating experience – that is, if you are looking for high-quality 
and unique. The bestLed bar 6 selection of unique, high-quality bar stools that I’ve seen is at MTS Seating (@MTSeating). Many companies offer bar stools, but nothing that really moves me – sorry Ken, you can’t win every category! Here are my favorite bar stools –  

  • Model 709-30, GR6 Labella, by MTS. This is a plain, backless stool, as shown in the photo above, right, for a club we designed for Night Trips in Tulsa, OK. What I really like about this stool is that it is heavy-duty, has clean lines – and you can specify the fabric and finish, to give you a customized-look. You can download the cut sheet below.

  • Model 901-30-K, by MTS. This is a high-end stool with a wrap-around back. This stool in leather is very nice. You can download the cut sheet below.

  • Barstools.com has a number of products at various price points.

For true value and style, MTS is the leader.


pdfMTS Seating 709-30 GR6 Labella Bar Stool Cut Sheet

pdfMTS 901-30-K Bar Stool Cut Sheet

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