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The Guide to Successful Gentlemen's Club Remodeling

How do you remodel a stripclub and which projects yield the greatest profits? This article discusses how to set your priorities without closing your club.

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger – clients ask this question all the time. Welcome to Design Buzz! Today’s discussion involves how to remodel a stripclub, how to create multiple revenue streams and which projects that will make you the most money.


The first question we have to address is why do strip clubs need remodeling? If you think owning and operating a successful Champagne Room Beforeclub is as simple as having dancers, a liquor license and a roof over your head, you’re business is probably in trouble. This is a business model that works in only one instance – where there’s no competition. It’s appalling to see the number of clubs today that won’t put a nickel’s worth of effort into their business. From shabby old furniture to holes in the walls, it’s a shame that the owners of these clubs just don’t “get it.” Eventually they end-up on the secondary market, as evidenced by the numerous, astounding deals I hear of frequently by clients who take over these existing clubs. Why do you think these clubs got into this position in the first place? Aside from bad habits and bad management, these clubs areChampagne Room After available because of competition: somebody else is doing it better! And the odds are likely that the competition has figured-out that having a better club – a more attractive club – is at the core of successful club ownership. In short, an attractive (and well-run) club is their best form of marketing. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re among the group of gentlemen’s club owners who “get” the concept of periodic capital investment, please read on.

Whether you have an aging club that needs to be totally remodeled or if you only need to address certain areas of your club, remodeling is part of the lifeblood of your business. In fact, if you haven’t remodeled your club in the last 10 years, it’s time to get after it! Keeping the style of your club current – and competitive – will  give you an edge over your competition. Consider the following facts:

·    The most attractive dancers want to work at the best clubs.

·    The patrons with the most money will follow the most attractive dancers.

·    The clubs with all of the above make the most money.

If you want to make substantial money in the adult nightclub business, you need to develop a remodeling plan that will help you take-over your market. Simply stated: you need to remodel your club to make more money.

What ‘s The Highest-Priority Remodeling Project in a STRIPClub?

Unequivocally, the advice I give everyone is to start with the area where you can make your most money, and this is really a two-Total Club Redesign Cheerleaders Pittsburghfold answer. For most gentlemen’s clubs, this is the champagne room, followed closely by the lap dance room. Many champagne rooms I see range from mundane to appalling. Friends, let’s be honest here: throwing a few worn-out sofas or some cheap modular furniture in a half-ass room with shabby carpeting and no décor simply isn’t going to get anyone excited about spending lots of money in your champagne room, especially given the rates charged by most clubs. Worse yet, if you have any rooms like this in your club, you’re ruining your image. If this describes your champagne room, it’s also likely that you aren’t using your space efficiently. A great champagne room is both attractive and efficient. You have to make your customers excited about your champagne room. The lap dance room, another lucrative revenue source, must also be given similar attention to detail.

In summary, remodel your champagne room and lap dance room before investing in any other projects.

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Gentlemen’s Club Remodeling Projects of Secondary Importance

Once you’ve addressed your revenue-producing projects, you should direct your attention to these areas:


If you have a peninsula-style main stage, your second most important project should be to rebuild it in the center of yourEntertainers Locker Room After Redesign showroom. If you don’t have at least two or three satellite stages, these should also be implemented. As I mentioned in the previous edition of Design Buzz, the quantity of stages you have and their placement will pay huge dividends.


Your bars should be comfortable and efficient. It isn’t always feasible to address efficiency issues with existing bars, but much can be done in the way of remodeling. There are many ways of incorporating “WOW-factor” into an existing bar, as I’ve written previously.

Locker Rooms

Although not a quantifiable money-making project, a comfortable locker room pays big dividends, such as improved morale and impressing new hires. You can read more about this below.

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How Your Gentlemen's Club Can Create Multiple Revenue Streams

I see a great imbalance of priorities among club owners: some think of their stages and bars as a one-time event and frequentlyPool Table Room Before Redesign stop investing the day after they open their doors. In other words, they position themselves minimally for survival. A savvy gentlemen’s club owner sees it differently; he sees his club as the platform from which to create multiple revenue streams to upsell his customers. Some of the projects include:

·    VIP seating areas / skyboxes.

·    Exclusive In-House Clubs.

·    Secondary champagne rooms.

·    Built-in video poker installations (where allowed by law).

People embrace the opportunity to separate themselves; it enhances their experience and makes it unique. There are manyPLUXH Private Club After Design ways to accommodate this. The biggest mistake a club owner can make is by ignoring this need.

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