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Gentlemens Club Design: Main Stages vs Satellite Stages

What's the secret to great stripclub stage design? We'll compare main and satellite stages, stage size, tips and ideas and how many your club should have. 

Are you planning a new stage at your gentlemens club? How large should the stage be? Should you add another satellite stage or do you think they aren’t necessary? This edition of the Design Buzz Gentlemens Club Design Series discusses the merits and design options of the satellite stage.

sTRIPClub Design: WHEN TO USE Main Stages AND Satellite Stages?

As I’ve said before, you can see a wide variety of quality in the way gentlemens clubs are finished, but the one design elementMain Stage with 20 Seats club owners seem to have a keen awareness of is the stage. Many clubs that wouldn’t receive high marks for overall design excellence seem to understand the need for an attractive stage. While everyone agrees in the need for a main stage, the question often arises about the need for satellite stages: are they necessary? Multiple stages are vital to the success of a gentlemens club for the same reasons as multiple bars:

  • Some people dislike the attention of sitting at a main stage.

  • Multiple stages provide greater entertainment selection.

  • Multiple stages create traffic flow.

When I refer to multiple stages, the typical arrangement is one stage of significant size (the main stage), complemented by two or three smaller stages. Having more than one large stage makes no sense to me.

During non-peak hours, just as with multiple bars, many clubs with multiple stages don’t operate their satellite stages. There are several reasons for having multiple stages. First, you need to create interaction between the entertainers and your patrons. Second, you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for your clientele by providing them with multiple seating options. In short, with greater interaction comes greater comfort and the likelihood your patrons will stay longer – and spend more money!  

What’s The Secret to Great Satellite Stage Design?

There are many options to consider for effective stage design. Satellite stages are a fraction of the size of their main stageSatellite Stage with Standard Seating counterparts – frequently ranging from 4’ – 10’ (1.2 – 3m) in length and 4’ – 5’ (1.2 – 2.4m) in width. Satellite stages can be designed to have a wide range in height. For instance, some club owners prefer their satellites at standard stage height*, as shown in the photo at right, while others prefer a low-slung island stage, whose height ranges from 7” – 24” (191 – 610 mm). My favorite satellite stage designs are less than 14” (356 mm).

Whatever your preference, stage height can be governed by the available floor space. The taller the stage the more stairs we need. Larger clubs can be less efficient with their space utilization, but with smaller clubs (or small entertainment areas), stairs can be deal-breakers. Here’s the general guideline you should use for planning a stage:

·    No stair is required for the first 7” of rise.

·    Beyond 7” of rise, we need to provide a stair for each additional 7” or  increment thereof.

·    Stairs should be 11” deep.

Stairs are space-eaters. Regardless of the size of your club, I believe that satellite stages need to be efficient in theirSatellite Stage with Free Standing Drink Rail floor utilization – let’s face it: beyond the minimum, every additional square foot of space a stage utilizes is one less square foot of revenue-producing space, my friend!

Stages are about interaction. Many of the low-slung satellite stages I’ve designed utilize a free-standing drink rail, which serves two purposes:

·    It enables patrons a common area to gather while providing them a place for their drinks.

·    Entertainers have a prop for interacting with the patrons, while enabling them to operate freely in a confined area.

In fact, 14” satellite stages are, in my opinion, the sweet-spot, as they keep the entertainer close to the patron and are ideal for clubs with low ceilings.


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Satellite Stage Design for Small Rooms

The14” high satellite stage also works in small, private rooms. I’ve written about the emergence of the Step-Up Satellite Stageboutique club in a recent edition of Design Buzz (which you can read below). I think these are an outstanding addition to nearly any gentlemens club and I’ve had the pleasure of designing two recently. When we get into private entertainment spaces of 300 – 800 square feet (28 – 84 square meters), the free-standing drink rail is no longer relevant, as we want to remove all barriers between the entertainer and patron, who is often sitting at a nearby table or sofa. If you are challenged for ceiling clearance, the 7” stage also works very well in this application.

To be clear, the stages to which I am referring are custom-designed, such as the one I’m featuring in the photo above, right. Sure, you can purchase a pre-manufactured stage, but they are very short on style. Besides, they are normally in the size range of 4’ x 4,’ which is very small. Folks, if you are going to implement a boutique club or any upscale private entertainment room, you have to deliver value to your patrons. You can’t fool your clientele into thinking you’re providing value by purchasing a cheap pre-manufactured stage. Some of the features incorporated into our satellite stage designs are:

·    Custom shapes (oval, elliptical, etc.).

·    Custom trim.

·    Backlit options with RGB LED lighting and DMX controllers.

The bottom line is you need to provide multiple stage locations within your club. Whatever your application, we can design a satellite stage per your specifications.

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* 34 – 36” (~1m).

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