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Design Buzz: Genotek Floor Tile Trim for Nightclubs and Bars

Successful nightclub and bar design is punctuated by thoughtful detail, and I am always searching for new product ideas – nothing is beyond consideration. I admit that I have an obsessive interest in architectural trim of all kinds because, in the end, it’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Just as with well-chosen hardware, these are the products that create true pride of ownership. One of the products I have a particular fondness for is tile trim, you know, the metal edging that separates carpet from floor tile. You may not see it every day, but I guarantee that you’ll see it in upscale venues in NYC, Las Vegas, etc. If you want to set your nightclub or bar aside from the competition, floor tile trim by Genotek, Inc. are products you’ll definitely want to consider.


Southern California-based Genotek, Inc. is a second generation manufacturer of architectural flooring trim products, which range from flooring products (carpet, wood and tile trim), to balcony fascia trim, to wall trim. The products go by the trade name of Genotek™, synonymous with the name of the company. In fact, according to Genotek CEO Stuart Higgs, similar products made in Europe are also known by many as “Genotek,” even though they are manufactured by others.

What Are The Features and Benefits of Genotek Edge Dividers?

As I mentioned, Genotek manufactures an array of architectural flooring products, some of which are designed for height transitions, while others effectively address movement joints* andGenotek Tile Divider at Satellite Stage yet others are geared for stair trim applications. The product I am addressing today is the “edge divider,” a delightfully-simple metal edging that provides a subtle, decorative edge between carpet and tile surfaces, as shown in the above photo. Here are some of the benefits of using Genotek™ edge dividers:

  • Visually appealing.
  • Cost effective – with pricing starting at about $1 per lineal foot ($3.30 USD per meter) – placing it in superstar status in the value category.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Ease of installation – trims and adapts easily.
  • Many sizes and finishes.
  • Many styles are available from stock.

I’ve been successfully using the Genotek™ product in nightclub and bar design for over nine years and have never had a single complaint.

Can Genotek Edge Dividers Be Used For Contoured Flooring Patterns?

No design would be complete without a curve or two! Everyone appreciates complex details and contoured flooring patterns are no exception. If you want your nightclub or bar to stand-out, the Genotek tile divider is the perfect way to accentuate complex flooring patterns. You can do this in either of two ways. You can use Genotek’s “flex” version or simply use tin snips to cut periodic reliefs along the standard version, which is the way the installation was performed in the above photo. 

Design and Installation Tips For Genotek Edge Dividers

Here are a few ideas for consideration when designing and installing the Genotek edge divider:

Design Buzz Photo of Genotek Edge Before Carpet

  • As with ALL finishes, order samples before ordering product!
  • The bottom flange of the tile divider is installed directly beneath the bottom edge of the tile and above the adhesive.
  • Although the Genotek tile dividers are available in a number of depths (that are intended to match the depth of the tile), to select the best divider you will be well-advised to match the physical sample to the ACTUAL tile you are intending to use. The problem today is that many tile products are manufactured offshore and not to the same standards as you might think; although you may be told the tile is 3/8” (10 mm) you are likely to find, in real life, that it isn’t.
  • My personal preference is to order the tile divider so that its top edge is just below the top surface of the tile. Remember that in this age of endless lawsuits, you don’t want any product that offers the least opportunity for someone to trip.
  • The product is available in two finishes:
    1. Aluminum – this versatile and light weight metal makes an ideal trim or transition for many applications. Strong, accurate and economical, products can be anodized in a range of colors as well as fabricated to allow profiles to be formed around designs using the FLEX edge.
    2. Brass – much heavier and stronger than aluminum to give more rigid trims and transitions. It has excellent weather and chemical resistance and is best suited to heavy and high traffic areas. Mill finish brass is golden in color but can oxidize to a natural patina when exposed to weather and cleaning agents often used in nightclubs and bars.
  • Orders are normally shipped and received within days, even to the East coast.
  • The factory stocks nearly every pattern in its catalog in nearly every finish.
  • Even if your desire is for the “FLEX” material, you can easily adapt the standard product for curves whose radius is 36” (1m) or greater, by cutting periodic reliefs along the bottom flange.
  • Factor about 7% waste when calculating the quantity you’ll need. You don’t want to be short of any product when installing tile.

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* Prevents tiled and marbled surfaces from cracking due to small movements in commercial buildings, used primarily at pad joint lines and patios.

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