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What's the Best Location for POS Terminals in Bar Design?

What's the best POS terminal location for bars: the back bar or front bar?

Learn how ergonomics plays into bartender efficiency and maximum bar profits.


Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine operating a bar, restaurant or nightclub without POS terminals. After all, without POS terminals, how can owners understand their accounting and inventories? For bar owners who have POS terminals, what’s the best location? Don’t fall into the trap of believing that POS terminals belong on the back bar just because that’s the way everybody else is doing it, or because it’s the most convenient location for the hardware. That way of thinking can be counter-productive. Some bar owners have thought “outside the box” and have their POS terminals in logistically superior locations, as shown in this photo.

POS Terminal Location on the Front Bar

If you have POS terminals, their location should be on the front bar. The bartender should be facing the customers as much asIMAGE OF BAR WITH POS TERMINALS IN FRONT BAR possible. This bar plan depicts built-in POS terminals along the front bar in two locations and another in the island backbar, as shown in this photo. With regard to the latter, there wasn’t an alternative for the location of this terminal.


The Use of Ergonomic Design for Maximum Bar Profits

The bar equipment plan shown in this plan depicts three (3) bar stations and each POS terminal has been designed to be built-THE VALUE OF ERGONOMIC BAR DESIGNinto the front bar in order to maximize the ergonomic design. As shown in this plan, maximizing side-to-side bartender movement within each work zone will result in reduced walking time and fatigue, as well as reduced bartender errors, for all bartenders. Many companies offer underbar equipment for this function, but most fail to place the POS terminal at the proper height, thereby leading to additional back strain. We’ve designed an ergonomically-designed custom POS cabinet (shown here) to optimize the bartender’s working environment. So you see, positioning the POS station on the front bar is a win-win: the bar owner realizes maximum efficiency, reduced worker’s compensation claims and maximum bar profits.

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