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ChargeCube: Phone Charging Kiosks for Bars and Adult Nightclubs

Why do bars and nightclubs need cell phone charging stations? Discover how phone charging kiosks can increase profits and build PR with customers.

Do you own or manage a bar, nightclub or stripclub? If so, what type of service-oriented equipment do you offer your patrons? ATM machines? WIFI? What about phone charging stations? Today’s discussion is about a product designed to help patrons while putting more money in the club owner’s pocket – phone charging kiosks by ChargeCube. You can listen to my exclusive interview with ChargeCube founder and CEOBruce Liebman, below:



Why Bars and sTRIPClubs Need ChargeCube Phone Kiosks

From time-to-time I notice advertisements for phone charging machines, but rarely see them in public – especially in bars and gentlemen’s clubs. It seems ironic, considering the importance we all place on our cell phones. Recently I happened to cross paths with a company that has been manufacturing such a machine. In fact, ChargeCube (www.chargecube.us) phone charging kiosks have been finding their way around the world since 2005; you'll find them in such places as NFL and NHL stadiums. They’re also being used in hospitals, bookstores, supermarkets and shopping malls – wherever people congregate for more than an hour, and it isn't surprising. When you think about it, with all the apps and accessories on cellular phones, a battery doesn’t remain fully-charged very long. Most Americans are on the run so much we seem to constantly struggle to find the time to charge our phones. After all, most of our vital information – including our schedules and personal information – is on our cell phones.

Considering the significance of our cell phones, most of us begin to feel impaled whenever we see the dreaded low-battery indicator, which probably occurs more than once a day for most of us. You’d think more merchants would really get this and do more to help us out.

The majority of gentlemen’s club patrons visit after work, and by that time of day the batteries of their cellular phones are nearly drained. While a depleted battery isn’t likely to alter anyone’s plans for the evening, helping customers recharge their phones carries many potential side-benefits:

·    Establishes goodwill.

·    It may be the very reason they’ll stay in your bar or club a little longer.

The longer customers stay in your establishment the more money they’re going to spend, and in the case of gentlemen’s clubs this could quickly amount to hundreds of dollars. ChargeCube is a product designed for the double-win, by helping both patrons and owners. 

How ChargeCube Works

In a bar or gentlemen's club, a ChargeCube would normally be located adjacent to an ATM machine. The only requirement to use the machine is a standard 110V outlet. A patron wishing to charge his / her phone simply locates an available cube, which is any cube with a key in its door. The patron is then asked to provide his / her phone number; the patron will not be penalized if he / she decides not to opt-in. Inside, the phone is plugged into one of the three power chords and the door is then closed and the key removed. In fact, the key cannot be removed unless a phone is plugged-in. The charging cycle of ChargeCube unit is adjustable, but most club owners prefer 30 minutes. At a charge rate of about 1% per minute, most phones are charged to about 45 - 50%. For instance, a club that operates from 12 noon to 3 AM, a single ChargeCube can charge up to 180 phones. From an energy perspective, at full capacity, the ChargeCube consumes about 85 watts of power – less than a 100 watt lightbulb.

The Features and Benefits of ChargeCube Phone Kiosks  

As I mentioned earlier, ChargeCube also provides the club owner some unique features and benefits, including marketing benefits:

·    Up to six phones can be charged simultaneously, in individually-keyed cubicles (cubes).

·    Designed to accommodate most cellular phones, including older iPhones, new iPhones, Androids and Blackberry’s.

·    The keyed entry system is much more user-friendly than the 4-digit PIN required by competitor’s units. Requiring anyone consuming alcohol to remember a PIN is absurd.

·    Every unit is delivered with a custom vinyl bubble wrap (graphics furnished by club owner).

·    The 19” terminal can deliver any custom marketing message via WIFI or onboard SD card slot.

·   Standard onboard engagement software enables the club owner to collect customer phone numbers (who have opted-in), which can later be used for SMS text messaging, etc.

·   Each unit includes a full maintenance contract supported by a nationwide service network.

A downloadable copy of the ChargeCube brochure can be accessed below.

Units are leased to club owners for a minimum period of one year and lease rates begin at $750 / mo. Shipping is included with every standard lease. Club chains or clubs ordering multiple units will receive discount pricing. Anyone interested in leasing a ChargeCube should contact Bruce Liebman at 954-661-7318. Mention this blog post and you’ll receive a discount!

Some club owners who have a solid working relationship with their liquor distributor may be able to receive full co-op sponsorship for their ChargeCube in consideration of marketing their specific brands on the bubble wrap and / or monitor (similar to the Ketel One bubble wrap depicted in the photo above, right).

Club owners in South Florida can see a live demonstration of ChargeCube on Monday, October 13 and Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

In any event, having a ChargeCube in one’s club bespeaks of customer service that will likely be rewarded in many subtle ways. If you own any upscale nightlife destination, especially a gentlemen’s club, you need to seriously consider having a ChargeCube in your club. Remember: hospitality and goodwill is what you’re selling!


pdfChargeCube Brochure



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